What To Expect





To begin with it’s important for me to understand your life changing goals so that I can focus the session.


Once you are feeling comfortable, I will talk you through various relaxation scenarios. You will be sat in a reclining chair and foot stool, with soothing music playing in the background - you will really enjoy the experience.


You will feel extremely peaceful as if in a semi-sleep, a little as if you are dreaming. During your first session your “inner voice” may well be questioning the process. For example, you may be asking yourself why you are still aware of what is going on around you or is this going to work for me - this is completely normal. 


Every client is different and I adapt the sessions to suit you and your objectives. My approach is friendly, warm and open and clients often tell me how calm and relaxed they feel during and afterwards. 


So what is the difference between ‘ordinary’ hypnosis and clinical hypnotherapy? The clue is in the ‘therapy’. Hypnotherapy can help you to escape from problem patterns of behaviour, empowering you to achieve a greater degree of awareness, flexibility and choice in your life.

This focused, altered state of awareness that self-hypnosis creates puts your brain into a state of learning that we do unconsciously throughout our lives. This altered state can assist in discovering the ability to choose new ways of doing, being and thinking, without being controlled by experiences in the past.


The experience of hypnotherapy is so beneficial that my clients leave the session feeling extremely positive about the future and determined to achieve their goals - as a guide, the first session normally lasts around one hour.




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